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Swartland Winery takes Bush Vine to the next level.
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The history of Swartland Winery dates back to 1948 when the Swartland Co-operative was founded by 15 member farmers in the Swartland region which got its name from Jan van Riebeeck’s description of the land on seeing the indigenous vegetation, ‘renosterbos’, appear black in colour.

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Swartland Winery boasts a unique style of wine making, utilising the dry soil and bush vine growth of the Swartland region. Our award winning wines are made from smaller berries to produce wines with a concentration of fruit flavors, offering a diverse selection of products to suit every taste and occasion.

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The Cellar Master and viticulturist take a very hands on approach to grape production. By studying the natural conditions, they assist the contracted wine producers in determining the varieties to plant, test produce throughout the season to determine optimum harvesting time and keep everyone abreast of new developments in the wine industry.

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The arable land of the Swartland region is ideally suited for the growth of grapes in the bushvine style and the many microclimates enable the cultivation of a wide selection of wines. The end product is much sought after for blending as bush vines produce grapes of excellent quality and flavor.

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